“W no Higeki” First Impressions

“The 2 people with the same face, encountered…. to replace their life…. that is the beginning of the tragedy.” – W no Higeki

Holy cow, Takei Emi is doing a really good job as female lead! While I have many doubts any drama can be taken up by the shoulders of one main lead, Emi, this young up-and-coming Japanese actress is aptly immersing me into this revenge story. She takes on two characters, identical twins, who play up a switchero game. One is Mako, the daughter of a major business conglomerate. She has always lived in comfort, and as a result, she yearns to finally grasp life with her own hands. The other character is Satsuki, a show pub dancer who lives a solitary and destitute life in a corner of the city and who desires money and power. They meet through coincidence and decide to pretend to be each other (to attain their own goals).

Although this drama is on the darker, gloomier side, a lot of scenes are unexpectedly funny, which is so up my alley. Also, for romantic-junkies, there’s a treat for you in W no Higeki, which is rather rare in serious jdramas. Mind you, this romantic interest comes in the form of a stalkerish detective.

To watch this drama or not? I recommend W no Higeki. The episodes are short and snippy, but have a bundleful of drama to offer. If anything, watch for Takei Emi’s excellent performance as she takes on twin characters who have drastically different personalities.

JDRAMA LOVE #1 REASON: They’re not afraid to try new topics or to explore new themes. This is why jdrama stories are intriguing – there’s always something realistic, a lesson to be learned. Even through the silly (Yamada Taro Monogatari), the puns-on-crack (Love Shuffle), and the bizarre (Himitsu), we make sense of the ridiculous plots and discover the gems.

Here’s an amazing, succint explanation of this drama by darkeyedwolf @ ol’ livejournal. I found this while trying to get more info on said drama: http://darkeyedwolf.livejournal.com/379013.html Check it out for self-explanatory screencaps!

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