Sampling Chinese TV Dramas: Embarrassed People’s Happy Lives and Qian Niu’s Summer

Long time no drama post, I have gone around to sample some Cdrama! As far as Chinese dramas are concerned, the major trends are older-girl-younger-men relationships, mother-in-law angsty stories, and plucky-poor-girl vs CEO. Especially alpha women vs beta men (have they perhaps gotten this from Gumiho?? Hmm).

Embarrassed People’s Happy Lives

This is the most appropriate picture to describe this show. A little bit over the top goof-comedy, yet grounded in fast-flying, unforgettable bantering. It’s cool, insightful, silly, but….. a great 30 episodes. I remember giving up on it mid-5th episode, but this drama grabbed my butt and glued me to the screen for a good 25 more episodes. Not my fault. I stumbled across this cdrama, not knowing any of the main characters (except recognizing one hunky actor, Michael Zhang, from his badass playboy character The Outsider days). For more info on Embarrassed People’s Happy Lives in Chinese

Reasons Why This Show Is Amazing

+ Famous veteran actresses who played the most notorious Evil Mothers of Cdrama are nice people in here! Ha. Emperor’s Consort in Huan Zhu Ge Ge and Nineth wife in Qing Shen Shen Yu Meng Meng.

+ It’s not clear who is going to end up with who from the beginnning! Why is this a big deal? Because in every idol drama produced by China, Taiwan, Japan, or Korea – it’s always always obvious from the start who the “meant to be’s” are. Yada yada, so yeah, this boy and that girl are going to fall for each other, he’s not going to accept the feelings and they will fight, breakup and come back together. Boring.

+ If you pay close attention and you’ve seen a good share of dramas, Xiao Dong’s face begans to merge into Hu Ge’s, Xiao Xi begans to resemble Ha Ji Won, and Han Xia grins exactly the way Shida Mirei does. That, or the show has gotten into my head. Now that could be contagious 😉

My Sassy Girlfriend Chinese Version/ Qian Niu’s Summer

This one is all fun and games. Hilarious antics from one scene to the next will seduce you to your seat but also make you want to literally clutch your sides and roll on the floor in giggles. That’s why this series has done to me, no joke. Be cautious, all those people who take things seriously – you will not be able to stomach this. If your female boss is controlling you like a man servant 24/7 , a sane man would get out of her house, quit the job, and call the cops. Luckily for us, Eddie Peng has managed to make his Qian Niu character a lovable (not to mention hilarious!) boy instead of helpless. If you cannot fathom what kind of story this may be – the story is basically a Chinese version of My Sassy Girl, a famous korean movie – except with fully fleshed out sidekicks (eye candy) and lighthearted storyline. For summary and trailer (don’t watch all the way! SPOILERS GALORE)

Reasons Why This Show Is Amazing

+ Well any truly amazing drama can speak for itself, but just for kicks….

+ Eddie Peng (who plays Qian Niu the male lead) has proven me his worth, many times. He can never disappoint with his spot-on comedic timing. Zhang Meng (who plays Xiao Xia the female lead) is finally in an upbeat story for once, so it is refreshing to watch her act comedy. Her previous big hit drama, My Daughters, was really difficult to stomach. What up, Kleenex magnet?

Okay on a final note, I am so excited to catch some more cdrama this summer! For the past two weeks, at least 10 drama trailers have been added to my favorites. So many to watch, but don’t know when they are coming out. Chinese dramas, why do you tease me so? 😦

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