“XChange” Switches Lives of City and Country Kids (Chinese Documentary)

XChange documentary

X-Change is a Chinese documentary series, began broadcasting weekly starting in 2006, where selected participants (kids) exchange lives for 7 days. The teens/kid participants are filmed through school, leisure time, and interactions with the new family as they adjust to their surroundings. I’ve only began following this series, but it’s now one of my favorite documentaries for many reasons: the filmmakers document an insider perspective of the modern Chinese family, it is fascinating to see a kid from the countryside switch lives and families with a kid from the big city. Cinematography is another highlight of this documentary – the gorgeous landscapes of China’s remote areas as well as bustling cities are so gorgeously depicted. From the background stories of the children who swapped lives, I have learned so much about life outside of cities, and it is definitely a touching experience. Lastly, I liked the pacing: fast camera work and cuts makes the series interesting.

For more information on XChange, here’s a detailed summary of the series.

To watch this series, click on  the image to get to BigTVUSA’s page.


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