EXO-M Dual Debuts and Catches My Fancy


While I’m not usually one to obsess over boybands, I’m pretty psyched to see these boys debut. EXO is a Korean-Chinese fusion boy band.  As SM Entertainment’s new marketing strategy, EXO has broken into sub groups, Exo-M and Exo-K so these respective subgroups can debut in China and Korea at the same time. Exo-M is the Chinese group which I’m currently loving. What really got me sold was their latest interview with Youku – Lu Han, Tao, Kris, Lay, Xiu Min and Chen. I think it really helps to know each member more as a person to appreciate the band as a whole. You learn more that what their cool/cute exterior leads us to believe. Since this group just debuted after a year of hype, I guess it’s expected that all the members are still rather awkward and shy in their interviews with media and on stage – which is kinda adorable.


Who’s Who?

Lu Han – baby faced, a Beijing native. He’s actually very outgoing in real life despite his delicate/demure look, or so he claims. The other members like to tease his flower boy appearance and describe him as “pretty”, but he prefers “manly”.

Tao –  Wushu guy. Martial artist and rapper of the group. He has jet-black hair and is the 2nd tallest guy.

Kris – Tallest boy and leader in Exo-M. Has pouty lips. Dubbed “ice prince” because he’s a bit unapproachable looking.

Chen – Korean member. Sexy dancer in mv History.

Lay – He has a super long face with a doll-like perfect appearance. In interviews, he seems very shy but he’s also arguably the most musically talented member of Exo-M. Fun fact: Lay is used to fame because he was a local child celebrity before joining the training as SM member.

Xiu Min – Korean member. He is dubbed “Meat bun” of the group because of his round face :P. He has a lot of bromance with Lu Han and Chen.


My favorite songs from exo are as follows:

1) History – a catchy, dance song 2) Angels (Into Your World) – smooth ballad that I love 3) Baby Don’t Cry – the full song isn’t out yet, but this is so addictive (: I found the Korean-Chinese version on Youtube.

For more info, I found an amazing website that compiled Exo-M member’s profiles, so check it out to learn more about this boy band.

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