Unbeatable, Post-Grad Edition?!

THIS. I had to say something after I saw this picture. Let’s begin with introductions. The dashing guy on the left is Zhu Zi Xiao. Beside him, putting on a cute pose is ever-popular Barbie of Korea, Han Chae Young – she’s the girl from famous Korean idol series Delightful Girl Choon Hyang if you haven’t recognized her already.

2009 seemed too long ago – that’s when Zhu Zi Xiao debuted in China as Soujiro from Chinese-version Boys Over Flowers. He caught my eye with his oh-I-know-I’m-sexy gaze and his comedy chops, even as a newbie in the C-entertainment scene. Zhu Zi Xiao is not the best actor, but I found him adorable in the drama, which is how I managed to finish it. I should mention that I found out his new drama Fairytale with co-star Janine Chang and Mr.CityHunterProsecuter a while back, but I don’t really feel like jumping on board with that. The lost-then-found identical sisters storyline, their switch, the boys who fell in love with them – everything was so cliche.

That is why Unbeatable vs Blue Dreams, a new series Zhu Zi Xiao is working on with Korean actress Chae Young brought me some hope to see this awesome dude take on a meaty(er) role in an exciting modern series. Hey, when I’m not watching romantic-comedies, of course workplace dramas are definitely next on my hit list! 😉 The title (无懈可击之蓝色梦想, for those who can read Chinese) gets me pumped up that the drama will be somewhat like the addictive, ultra-sleek modern series, Unbeatable…which made #5 on my top Modern Chinese Dramas to Watch post.  Fingers crossed, guys.

Ps. I was pleasantly surprised with Another Brilliant Life (also in #2 or 3 in my Top Modern Chinese Dramas post, check it out!), which featured a Korean actor crossover in a Chinese drama – Props to Park Hae Jin (the antagonist in East of Eden). Previously, I have had an adversion to Korean-crossover-idol-dramas solely on two factors: acting style between Korean and Chinese actors are really different so the story gets quickly boring ESPECIALLY when the Korean crossover lead starts brooding; plus the terrible dubbing is just…cringe. Anyways, I would really like to tell the producers or whoever in charge of this show to somehow incorporate the Korean actors without dubs. This is actually one thing twdrama Fondant Garden did, which I loved!  BUT I think they will not do it anyways (although I don’t see how that could be possible for Han Chae Young’s character, unless she’s learned enough Chinese to speak her lines well)… since one of the things I loved about the Unbeatable workplace drama was that nobody’s voices were dubbed! I heard Han’s learned a bit of Chinese, so maybe she’s up to the challenge (:

* To learn more about this drama, go to http://baike.baidu.com/view/8129785.htm Expected Airing Date: 2012 September


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