You Are the Apple of My Eye | In Three Sentences

Even if you haven’t lived 90’s era riding your bike to school or standing in lines for public phone booth, this mega-hit Taiwanese film of 2011 is pure nostalgia whatever decade you spent your high school and college years.

The subtle first love between bad student KE TENG (KE ZHEN DONG) and goody two shoes XIA YI (Michelle Chen) is both endearing and heartbreaking. Having the boy narrate the film brings an autobiographic, cheeky, and even rauchy touch to his story that I liked.

The ending is some of the best ones in long time and manages to ground us to reality while radiating sweetness from our main characters.

*This was an 110 min Taiwanese movie called You Are The Apple Of My Eye 那些年, 我們一起追的女孩 released on 19th August, 2011.


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