Chinese TV series “Sky of Hope” Has No More Hope


Even lead actress Li Qin is sad it didn’t work out – where are thou Mo Li?

Sky of Hope gave a fantastic first impression, so good that I was tricked into watching it. Cinematography was brilliant. Director incorporated authentic Beijing dialect, which spiced up the series quite a bit, humor-wise. Our heroine, Grape was played by two stellar actresses (it’s rare that both the actresses playing the young and older versions were amazing). So what happened?

Well, that’s just it. Nothing significant happened for 18 episodes in a row. You can basically skip to episode 18 and quickly get up to speed. One major problem was that there was zero plot and therefore nada suspense for the audience. Grape’s love interest, Mo Li, was (too) understanding and the good-for-nothing father had this one pitiful expression for 18 episodes. You disowned your own daughter and ran away from your family with another woman! Don’t pretend you are the one wronged. Our main actress, Li Qin (Grape) was great, but that girl can’t possibly piggyback an entire 30 episode series. Not to mention that she’s a relatively new actress! If I have to blame one thing, I blame that there is absolutely no plot to work with. So sad! I had hopes for this little gem to live up to potential…

Ps. I was up until 4 this morning to marathon this show because I was waiting for some spark to happen between Grape and Mo Li. And to be fair… something did happen in episode 18 that I kept replaying! But I won’t spoil anybody. You’ll have to find out for yourselves if you do decide to watch this series.

Overall, I wouldn’t watch this again. However I am excited for Li Qin and Lin Shen’s new project, Hua Kai Ban Xia! Cfensi mentioned this drama will air sometime later this year or in 2013. These two have bomb chemistry! HKBX, which loosely translates to “Flower Bloom For Half a Summer”, has striking similarities with Summer’s Desire and Byakkotai, all three involve a boy who commits a crime for the girl he loves and having to deal with its consequences in adulthood. I confess I’m only there for the love story involved… We’ll see how that turns out.

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