“Sky of Hope” First Impressions

As poignant as “based on a true story” paperbacks, Sky of Hope starring Li Qin and Lin Shen revived my hope (see what i did there) for cdramas. Li Qin, who plays the heroine, Grape. Grape was originally lived as a happy girl with parents and a brother. But her son’s autism and her father’s sudden leave from the family changed her childhood. Mom sends Grape to a boarding school and a misunderstanding causes Grape to run away, believing her mother ditched her for her brother. Switching to present day, Grape is a young adult and her mother comes back for her only to thrust her autistic brother for her to care for.

What the show brings to the table is not a makjang like you’d expect, but actually begins to get pretty hilarious when Mo Li (played by ever-charismatic Lin Shen) comes into Grape’s life. A little twist – Mo Li is actually the son of the woman who took Grape’s father away from the once-happy family. Anyways, from the first 2 episodes, the bantering/dialogue in general between the characters basically rocks ass. Also I have a soft spot for authentic Beijing accents, which is the prodominant accent the main characters here talk in. I’m excited to devour the subsequent episodes and let you guys know what I think about this!

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