Cross-Copying Trend of Popular Asian Dramas

You’re not the only one. True, live-action adaptions of manga has been around for at least a decade in Asian pop culture. And we can argue that if a newer industry adapts a previously popular story to boost their drama viewership, that’s understandable. However, a growing, devastating trend for the Asian drama industry has begun to take hold. Asian countries are beginning to cross-copy each other’s stories. Nearly half of the dramas we see this year will be adaptations of existing shows. Now that’s bad. Even worse, some shows are replicating themselves just to experiment their popularity with fresh faces. Ahem *Hana Kimi 2011*

But before we get ahead of ourselves, what are some of the NOT remakes, but original stories we can anticipate in 2012?

Rooftop Prince: royal foursome travel into modern day Korea, what’s not to like?

Luan Shi Jia Ren: Republican era of puppy love and guns

Love In the Rain: JGS and Yoona… Jun Nan Mei Nv (hehe. Handsome Man Beautiful Girl)

Emperor’s Women: Heck YES Chen Xiao! They’re antagonist characters but they look cute.

Some Adaptations/Remakes That Are Slightly Hopeful

Time Travel Dr. JIN: aside from the eye candy, hopefully this will be great like the j-version


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6 responses to “Cross-Copying Trend of Popular Asian Dramas”

  1. Selvinas says :

    Rooftop prince sounds interesting, kinda a reversal of the whole going back in time thing. Am watching Startling with each step in which the lead goes back in time and end up in the body of a noble girl. Altough through out the whole story it is never clear if she really went back in time or is in a coma( she had an accident before)

    But when is huan ze ge ge coming out? Never got to finish the old serie because the episodes got taken off the net….

    • MsCadybb says :

      Ah I need to get on that soon! I’ve heard many great things about Rooftop.. and King 2 Hearts with Ha Ji Won and Seung Ki! Both are on my to-watch list when classes are over (spring break haha).

      Oh you mean Bu Bu Jing Xin? My take on that was the girl really did go back in time. Because then it’d make sense that she was in the painting with the princes.

      HZGG’s remake already came out last year. I thought the series was okay, but exceedingly cheesy romance stuff. I mean same with the original, but at least the actors made things fitting for the situations… but what’s worthwhile to check out are the fresh faced actors (they’re adorable!)
      BTW, I checked out your blog and I thought the bento idea is so cute! I need to get healthy too 😛 I’ll try some of those ideas sometime!

      • Selvinas says :

        Yes I’m watching Bu Bu Jing Xin right now. I still need to finish Queen SoenDeok, it’s very interesting but a bit long so sometimes I don’t want to watch anymore and will watch something else for a bit before going back to watch it again.
        But after I’ve finally finished it perhaps I will watch Rooftop.
        To be honest my bentos are really simple, some people really decorate their lunches but I think it takes too much effort and I’m going to eat it anyways…I think my diet is pretty healthy except that I need to excercise more. But it’s difficult because I like to do sports with someone else but most people I know don’t have time.

  2. Selvinas says :

    Finally finished BBJX! So sad! Especially the end when 4th prince walks away..leaves me hoping for a sequel…

    • MsCadybb says :

      Oh dude! Totally felt the same. The ending could have been executed a little more clear. I was hoping that 4th Prince would recognize her at least and said something!

      • Selvinas says :

        It was really sad…but I did expect something like that to happen.
        I read somewhere that there’s goign to be a part two starring the same actors but that it won’t feature any mention of timetraveling at all because of a new law in China banning any movies/books that alter history. I read that they will start filming in fall. Hope it won’t be too different.

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