Cozy Dreamers for Cupid’s Day

Valentine’s day special film! Our group was so chill during the filming. I think the acting, directing, and editing was really good for a video done with no script and all in one day.

I was assistant videographer, and I intend to direct a project sometime in the near future. Working with the crew was fantastic and inspiring.

Anyways, like it favorite it and subscribe to Awkfilm.

Lesson learnt: Don’t let food pressure ever get to you when doing film shoot… Chipotle burrito before chugging down Taro flavored bubble tea, and then a serving of froyo.

If you are an aspiring filmmaker, you should definitely join a club or film crew to get firsthand experience on these things before moving on to your own productions. Since it’s not like an internship or paid job, you’ll have less to worry about, but you can learn so much from just seeing how others direct actors and capture locations.

BTS pictures below

BTS of Cozy Dreamers


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