LJVD: Stay Strong at Heart (Japanese Language Lesson)

RAAAH I’m back with the 2nd lesson! Learning Japanese via Dramas. I think I want to do this for all the languages I’m learning and know i.e. Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and French. As always, the next of this series will be up next weekend (or if I’m busy, the weekend after that)! If you are interested in learning some japanese QUICK, please keep reading to find out how to say these timeless Jdrama quotes!


“Right now, the person’s hand that you hold, the chance of meeting that person is like a miracle. Even when you go into the light, don’t let go of that hand.” – (writing on the mirror of the Haunted House)

In Nobuta Wo Produce‘s overarching theme of Friendship, destiny and miracles are also discovered and discussed about. Like the unlikely companionship Shuuji, Akira, and Nobuta shared – this quote stresses how valuable having true friends are.  


I will work hard, so don't worry about me. - Aya

While Aya’s devastating sickness was terrifying for her to endure every day, in One Liter of Tears, 2005 hit drama – her friends, family and the boy who loved her would have felt equally pained to watch her not being able to do the activities teens her age would have done. Therefore, the only comfort to them was Aya’s confidence and cheerful attitude towards tomorrow. “Don’t worry about me” became her source of energy to move forward despite the harsh realities of the world.

How to Say This & Meanings Below

1. 今、手をつないでいるその人に出会えたのは、キセキのような、かくりつです。 光の中に出ても、その手をはなすことのないように

Ima, tewotsunaide iru sono hito ni deaeta no wa, Kiseki no yōna, kaku ritsudesu. Hikari no naka ni dete mo, sono-te o hanasu koto no nai yō ni

2. 私顽张るから。だから大丈夫だよ。

Watashi gambaru kara. Dakara daijoubou daiyo.

3. 信じてくれでる人を哀しま好な!

shinji te kurederu hito wo kanashi masuna


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