Braided Half Updo with Oomph

The other day, I was looking at how many of each category I’ve done and I realised I had a hair tutorial I didn’t post 😀 This will spice up typical braided looks and it works best on 2nd day hair because it will hold hair a bit better.

Here’s how to get the braided half-updo look:

Start with french braiding your hair from your bangs (loosely) until you reach the tip of your ears.

Lightly tilt your braid towards the back so we can wrap it around to the left side of the head.

Merge your RIGHT braid to a new braid that you’d start the same way from your LEFT side.

Pin your braids at the beginning of the merge to secure the braids.

Use a rattail comb end to give lift and volume to your crown.

This hairdo looks elegant and exudes prim and proper, and it is perfect for going out with your buds or to a date.

GL with the hairdo and have fun!!


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