Why Learn Japanese! Chinese! French! Korean!

If you didn’t know already, learning foreign languages makes the world go round! 😀

Why you should learn new languages? For me, it was Asian dramasss. I was so frustrated trying to read the English subtitles for Korean and Japanese dramas. Subtitles shouldn’t become your crutches when you are trying to enjoy a good tv series or a film. I want to use my skills so I could communicate with whoever I want. I don’t want that language barrier. I want to go up to a French hunk on the airplane and strike up a conversation with him instead of swooning in a little corner waiting for the moment he’d catch me while I’m tripping over a food cart.

Starting from the next post, I’m going to try doing a series on learning foreign languages via dramas/movie quotes. That way, these lessons will be relevant to this blog and awesome to learn by themselves! If you are on a spontaneous overnight trip to Hong Kong or somewhere else you love, you could try out these useful, funny quotes you learn from me on locals there. Ready to skip language barriers, win over a cool crowd who speak in a foreign tongue, and not even have to learn how to conjugate verbs? Yes you are. Stay tuned to this blog and you won’t miss the first lesson.


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Founder and editor of Asian Entertainment Blog, UnderratedGems. What I do in my free time: trying to get more sleep and satisfying my TV addiction. Currently in the process of a grueling job hunt.

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