Masterlist: Asian Drama Style Room Decor!

Why not take stuff from multiple dramas and combine striking decor from each to make a dream-come-true house? These dramas have seriously cool ideas… if only I could have them all in one place. Wouldn’t you?

It’s so sixth-grader-on-a-camp-trip, but I love the homey feel it gives rooms. Youko’s teenage room definitely deviates from just a camp cabin, however. Just look at all those pretty organizers tacked on her wall. I would love to get my hands on those… (that’s the OCD/procrastinator/lazy in me shouting for joy).

Heck ya. It’s a backyard movie theater! All you have to do is set up a movie projecter, a blank screen, grab your dogs, set out one of those hammock/sofas and sip your favorite hot drink as you enjoy your favorite romcom! The perfect winter’s night. Especially if you are cuddled with the person you love, like Lee Seol with her prince charming (absent in this photo), PHY.

See the bed? It’s like halfway between a Chinese junk (it’s a type of traditional ship) and a…boat! The small, traditional lamp dangling daintly from the bed post is almost remininscent of something you would carry to a watch tower in the olden days. Anyways, while watching My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, I couldn’t help but notice this unique and cute bed.

Did anyone notice the little black bookcase/shelves behind Chae-Kyung’s bed while watching Goong? Nope, you were probably too invested in her relationship with Mr. Arrogant-And-Grudgingly-Charming to care. The shelves are perfect if you own any collections of iunno, like makeup or action figures, or a jar of marbles? Anything that floats your boat! You’re probably thinking, uh no, it’s just a freaking shelf-organizer thingy, you can find it anywhere. Yeah, so? I still think it rocks and I don’t own one yet, so that’s why this is in my post. 😀 Plus I just wanted to have a reason to put this drama somewhere on display ya get me?

Just ignore the two people hugging in this picture for a second. I want you to focus on that long-necked lamp. Yes, that one behind the boy and girl. I’ve always found lamps super frustrating because when I want to just settle somewhere and read a book, there’s never a lamp where I want it. This lamp is great because I can just set it in one place and bend it so that it’d be wherever I need the light to be. For those of you who are just interested in the two people… one of them is JanDi. This is from that mega-popular Korean drama of ’09 that everyone seems to know about. Boys Before Flowers. If you don’t know why it’s called that when none of the boys in the series have to do with flowers, well, I’m just as stumped. My philosophy is Don’t Ask When it Comes to Asian Drama.

Let’s just say this in one go: coolest bachelor’s pad around?! I just love this set-up.

It’s in the title, but I’ll point it out to you. There’s one in each Powerpuff Girl colors avaliable. Honestly though… what ARE those supposed to be? It’s not from any cartoon or anime I know of. Those are adorable and I feel like they would literally just light up any drab room.

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2 responses to “Masterlist: Asian Drama Style Room Decor!”

  1. Nutella says :

    Oh my god. I am not weird. Someone else does this~ I am pretty much the same way, and one of the main reasons I download most of the shows I watch is so that I can go back and listen to the dialogue which I missed while I was concentrating on either the decor or furniture or clothes or something similar.

    One of my favouritest favourites is the backyard movie theatre (and omg black-and-white Audrey Hepburn films~), oh, and Audrey Hepburn reminds me- some of the Hotaru No Hikari stuff was pretty cool (seeing as how it was show where the female was a professional decorator/renovator, I think that makes sense.

    And Goong! Yes! I lust after so much there, even after so many years! Which reminds me… Most of the stuff in Coffee Prince was pretty awesome, with an indie-ish modern feel to it. Even Marry Me Mary had grungy as well as chic furniture.

    Hmm.. Ikemen Desu Ne and Tokyo Zenryoku Shoujo also have some pretty cute stuff~ Ok, now I’m seriously shutting up, I think I’ve blabbered enough ^_^

    • Bumbleberri says :

      Nope, you’re not 😛 I’ve loved interior design in dramas. Haven’t seen many impressive ones lately… or maybe I’ve just been too immersed in the stories, but I’m definitely adding more posts about this when I can!

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