Lifetalk: I Wanted to be Taller!

I had this on my door at the height of my obsession. See what I did there?

If you’ve had to tilt your face to the sky and stretch your neck to talk to your tall friends, you might have felt a tinge of enviousness. After all, people have always associated height with authority, power and basically awesomeness. Media and magazines glorify the statuesque, runway models. Even department stores that sell too-long jeans mock you for your height. Where’s the equality here?

I was debating whether I should post this because it’s personal, but here’s a story of my frustration with height from when I was 12 to 16 years of age. Maybe it will help anyone who has wanted to be taller and struggled with their height. Most of my school friends were very tall and pretty. My uncles from China told me over the phone that girls my age from Beijing (my hometown) were all about 170cm (5’7) nowadays, and most of their parents aren’t tall at all. I knew it’s not that I didn’t have the genes to be tall, which was half the reason I was frustrated with my height. Every website I went to on “how to grow taller” told me the same, generic information: drink more milk, it all depends on your genes, and do stretches. I did everything they told me on there, but nothing worked for me. Perhaps I had already gone through my growth spurt years and it was too late? I was upset. Now when I look back on it, I saw what I should have paid more attention to.

In my previous posts, I briefly mentioned this, but this is something I’ve had a big issue with since my elementary school years. I was an insomniac (or I’m just a night owl, I’m not quite sure). At my worst, I would sleep at 2-4 am and wake up at 6 for school. This was during middle school, when procrastination and chronic sleep problems added up. I never fixed my sleep habits when I was “still growing”, and that was one big reason my height was stunted.

Another catalyst to my growth stunt was not getting exercise. After the massive influx of extraccuricular sports my parents made me take in middle school, I finally had enough and quit everything when I was 12. Looking back, I should have kept at one or two of those sports if I knew I was going to be obsessed with height later in my teens.

Key ingredients for a taller you – exercise everyday, sleep at proper times (rec: from 10pm to 6am), and eat healthy (but include lots of lean meat and fish)

Oh, and for all of you who have passed your growth spurt years, please don’t ever place height as priority in your life. Tall people don’t get the most benefits in life anyways. Most of my tall friends complain that guys feel intimidated by them because they are about the same height. Plus being fun-sized/average is cute. I’ve always wondered why some of those under-5-feet-girls always get to be surrounded with guy friends. Now I know that petite girls are blessed in their own way.

Of course, as with all heights, I’ve learned that confidently accepting my height changes everything. So it’s not in how tall you are, it’s more about how confident you can carry yourself. I’m kind of glad now that I’ve experienced this period of time in my life so that I can learn a valuable lesson from it.

Ps. I didn’t mean to make this post sound so dramatic but it was definitely a rough time for me to come to terms with myself.

Honestly, I hope that this post has helped anyone who has ever worried about their height.


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