Documentaries to Watch: Super Size Me, Shoal, Tokyo Superstars

Frankly, I never understood why some people roll the eyes and shake their heads at the mention of documentaries. Were you thinking about Discovery channel’s films on animals roaming the safari with a monotonous narrator? Most documentaries are not boring at all. If anything, they can open your eyes to a whole new perspective on your dieting, health, and people from lesser talked about countries. So! Here are 3 amazing documentary films that will rock your world 🙂

Super-Size Me (stopped my unhealthy fast food diet)

Everyone’s heard of this one right? It’s definitely one of the well-known ones. I still remember way back when they showed this in school and how I quit McDonalds for a straight 3 years. Which actually did wonders for my health. I was incredibly unhealthy. I’d munch on pizza and breadsticks and a hot dog (ha I kept typing ‘god’ instead, 3rd try success!) with Gatorade for lunch prior to watching this film. As much as people will like to criticize Morgan Spurlock for take on obesity and bias, I think he did a great job with this truly life-altering movie. 

Tokyo Superstars (lighthearted and funny, J-singers and fandoms)

Some of you might already know that I’m a big fan of Yamapi, this one really cute Japanese actor/singer. This documentary follows the epic journey of two Swedish bodyguard-looking men (they are actually music composers for singers from Johnny’s entertainment agency, but they do everything in their basement so they’ve never gone to Japan) who come to Tokyo for the first time and meets NEWS, the featured idol boy band of this story. And of course, my favorite Yamapi is the leader of this said boy band! Not only do we get behind the scenes of Japan’s top pop stars and, we also become acquainted with the phenomenon called “fandoms”. It’s a real eye-opener on Japanese modern TV and entertainment business. The story of the two Swedish guys is also heartwarming because they soon realize just how popular the songs they’ve penned down are and how many people love their lyrics they make (via watching a concert with NEWS performing their songs).    

Survivors of the Shoal (most heart-breaking Holocaust stories)

This is a haunting documentary that recaptures the fear and sickening treatment of people in the concentration camps during the Holocaust. The words of Jewish survivors will probably stick with me for the rest of my life. Although I saw the documentary years ago, I vividly remember one survivor recalling her sister captured by the Germans and taken to camp. The survivor bitterly said that there was a German soldier who fell in love with her and would’ve rescued her. He arrived only hours too late, as she was already killed in the concentration camp. Many Holocaust and WWII docs have been released in recent years, but none of them have been up to par with this one in my opinion. No horrifying images, but the heart-breaking recollections of the survivors are enough to give you a sense of realization of the cruelty to certain groups of people (like the Jews) during the WWII era (which was less than 80 years ago).    

I was going to make a street fashions post, but then suddenly thought of these movies so I changed my mind, since I find docs so fascinating. I’ll do fashions in my next post fosho! Look for it 🙂

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