Top Resources for Asian Drama!

The following are three amazing (well-established) resources you can follow to get update news on Asian Drama stuff. You know, like movie/drama reviews, recaps,  etc.

Cfensi – good for Cpop artists and Chinese dramas, whether historical or modern! The downside is that they only update about once a week, so when I’m checking back, it’s disappointing to not see an update from them yet.

Dramabeans – The ubiquious Korean entertainment for English viewers. DB has some very eloquent writers doing recaps for Korean dramas, they’re really addicting to check back for more updates since they churn out well-written news (with witty commentary) a couple times every day. DB can be an entertainment all by itself sometimes!

Koala’s Playground  I only recently found out about this blog-site from DB. I love this person’s fandoms like Roy Qiu and Yamapi! After reading her review on this one taiwanese drama, and noticing how relatable her reviews are, I began coming back to the site all the time. I like how she’s not just exclusively covering Kdrama, but she also does a bit TWdrama and Jdrama!

Some others I want to mention here (but are more personal blogs ish) are DangerMousie’s Livejournal, and LJ communities like Aiyatheydidn’t/Omonatheydidn’t/Aramatheydidn’t (these update super fast, so you might prefer these if you don’t like indepth stuff)

Enough talking about my favorite Asian Drama websites, it’s time for self-promotion! If you are interested in all kinds of Asian dramas… i.e. korean, japanese, chinese, and twdrama…but prefer to see reviews on one site, then please come back to my site often & subscribe to me because I will have reviews (abeit short ones) and fashions inspired by these TV series!


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