Tree Houses and Secret Codes

Tree houses were all the range in the 90’s, or at least in my mind. When I was in about 3rd or 4th grade, I went around asking all my friends if they wanted to join my tree house club. I didn’t even know what we would do or anything. I think it might have been one 80s or 90s American movie about recreational tree houses that triggered my obsession with them. It might have been Tree House Hostage, but I can’t be sure. Another inspiration was that ubiquious pbs series called Arthur. Remember the gang gathering in their self-made tree house – Brian, Arthur, DW, and Buster? It brings back the good memories of childhood. Oh, and of course, I read all the Magic School House books, so that was another contributing factor.  

credits to wikia for this image

There’s just something magical about gathering in a secret tree house, with codes and everything.

Anyways I just thought this would be a fun short post to balance out my usually comprehensive ones!

the coolest treehouse ever

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