Bday Gift Idea: Jar of Stars

If you want to give your friend a special gift for their birthday this year, but you’re at a loss of getting something unique – nothing beats homemade! It’s Arts & Crafts time!

When I was small, my 3rd year old buddies and I would sit at the footsteps in front of the neighborhood yard and fold stars out of strips of paper. Later in middle school, I remember cleaning out a strawberry jam jar to put Post-its in – I’d draw one out when I have spare time (or when I’d get bored) and do whatever was on the note. Anywho, I was inspired by these things to make this cute tutorial! Bring out them arts skillls 🙂

Clean out a jam jar or get an empty one from Michaels craft store.

Write small notes to your friend on thin strips of orgami paper. They can make up a letter, for instance. You could number each one and have your friend arrange them so that the contents of the letter makes sense. (haha the more I think about this idea, the cuter it sounds. please let me know when you do this for your friend)

Fold each strip of paper like this: basically you form a flat knot with one end, and then wrap the paper on itself until you reach the other end. Then just tuck the end into the fold. Pinch the vertices of the folded pentagon to form a plump star!

Repeat for each star you make. Place all of the stars into the jar and screw the cap on. Then just wrap your present and you’re done.

Hope this gave you some ideas or inspiration for your birthday gift! Before you go, check out this awesome photograph of this ‘stars in a jar’. This is so beautiful! I can only hope to take pictures like these one day…. currently still at odds with my camera.

What are some memorable gifts your friends have made for you?


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