How to Get Milky, Flawless Skin Like an Asian Drama Actress

Jiang Mengjie, chinese actress from Hong Luo Meng

Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to slather on makeup in the mornings before school or work? To not have to strip it away from your face at night when you could be enjoying an asian drama marathon? To be less critical and stressed over how you look? These sweet & simple tips will help you off to a step towards a more beautiful, healthy you.

Zheng Shuang, chinese actress from Meteor Shower

I have suffered from insomnia since little, eating fast food (i.e. McD’s and Domino’s), and did not get enough outdoors exercise. Those are the main reasons why I have been suffering from acne. So if you’re like me and trying to figure out some steps to take to a faster, flawless skin like your favorite celebrity… This is for you!

Beauty comes from inside out, here are some snacking suggestions: raw almonds, Honey-nut cereal, lots of fruit, and HOMEMADE FRUIT SMOOTHIES. They’re so yummy. I just got a new blender and have been making these like crazy.  Don’t snack before you sleep. Water and green tea are okay.

Even if you’re not into sports, make a point of jogging or even walking to the park everyday (or nighttime for all you night owls).

Do it like an Asian. Especially like a c/kdrama family. Wealthy families from cdramas and kdramas do this a lottt if you pay attention to what they put on their tables. Throw out or just don’t get unhealthy snacks like donuts and cookies. Then set out a huge bowl laden with FRUIT on the couch table and kitchen counter. Preferably, put in easy-to-munch-on fruit like apples and clementines. This is a great method for lazy people like me because I will usually just grab whatever snacks I can get my hands on.

Drink a lot of water! You shouldn’t have to consciously measure the amount that you are intaking. About 7-12 cups a day is a really good range to flush out toxins.

Use natural face masks to hydrate your skin, such as plain yogurt (I got this idea from Bubzbeauty), and it works miracles. It’s like a mini-spa for your face and makes your skin sparkly clean all in one. Truly skin food right?

If you can’t sleep well, I’d suggest investing a good sleeping mask! It’s helped me sleep so much better. Find one that is made out of silk or other soft materials that won’t be harsh against your skin. Get at least 8-10 hours of sleep every night. (i’m still working on this one… it’s so difficult to consistently do!)

Remember, even when following all of these steps, the key is to be consistent. Give your skin some time to adjust. From my experience, the first few weeks are the hardest and people usually will give up. Don’t make that mistake.

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