How to Unplug Yourself from Facebook

In our day and age, people have turned to the most advanced handheld phones. We have stopped getting personal calls from friends, but instead settled with text blurbs deviod of personal touch. On weekends, we sit on our butts for hours at home, absorbed to internet instead of flipping through paperbacks. Although I’m definitely in love with technology, there’s a fine line between using it occasionally and depending too much on it. Some weeks ago, I went on technology detox (with my cell phone and internet) and saw with more clarity the excessive dependency we have. Here are some things to consider to add more meaning (& happiness!!) to your life in this digital age.  

Some social networking sites are overrated. I have been a victim of one in particular for nearly 4 years: Facebook. Many of us have a love and hate relationship with this social networking site. I know I have. After I finally summed up the courage to delete my account a few months back, one question has bugged me over and over again: how did Facebook influenced my life in a positive way? Everytime I try to answer that question, my mind blanks. Should I admit that I now know some disturbing habits some classmates harbor that they mindlessly put so everyone could know it? That Facebook has taught me that “picture-stalking” classmates and acquaintances is a normal thing to do? That the constant distraction caused my schoolwork quality to drop ten-fold over the years? That I’ve been hurt every time a guy I secretly liked announced “facebook official” relationship status? Even if I try to ignore it, that girl will be outright professing her love for him, pretty much stomping all over my heart as I try to cover it with ignorance. I think the only reason I kept Facebook was the fact that it let me know everything and everyone I wanted to know more about in ‘real time’. I could communicate with everyone I liked if I was in on what they were talking about, I thought. When in fact, all I earned was more stress. I hope you can learn from my experience with it. At least try to limit the amount of time you spend on it so that you can spend the time doing more meaningful things with your significant other or friends or family (nothing beats real and personal!).

Connection in the virtual world, Disconnection in real-life? Or temporary Disconnection in the virtual lifestyle, Connection in your real-life relationships with people you love?

Hey, it’s your life, so your choice.


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