Lifetalk: Writing Fanfiction and Embarrassing Stories

Hey, I’m back with a more personal blog-like post. To go along with the overarching Underrated Gems theme, most of these entries are about lesser-known hobbies, etc. I was obsessed with fan fiction writing as a kid! Now how many people can say that she was the author of an internet novel in her early teens? Maybe it clued in that I am going to be a writer someday.

What is fan fiction anyways? Basically you get to write a story using existing characters and your favorite actors from TV shows. If you ship Draco and Hermione together, you can write an explosive love story between them that never happened. The readers and subscribers are your fuel to keep adding chapters as you go. Usually these stories will appear on popular host sites like Winglin and Fan Fiction. One of the most awesome hooks of this type of story-writing is the Ratatouille appeal: Anyone can be a writer (and get a bunch of readers instantly).

Poster that I had custom designed... Exactly how I pictured the story.

Back in 07, I collaborated with my friend on Lurking In Secrecy, a story about youngsters rocking out in bustling Shanghai. Originally, I just wanted to polish my writing skills and whatnot. We would alternate between chapters and flesh out our characters; Yamapi and Maki. For those who aren’t familiar with Asian entertainment, these are popular Japanese actor-singers that rocked my world back in the day.   

Just to share another (embarrassing) snipet of my love for fan fiction… I remember this incident a few years ago when I wanted to read one story about some historical wuxia. My printer at home wasn’t working, so ended up at my dad’s company to print it out for future reading. Only… the company printer was broken that night too. I gave up and went back home. The next morning, the earth-shattering news came via a phone call from dad at work.

“You printed out a stack of 500 papers complete with flashy celebrity posters from that printer?!”

“How did that happen?”

“I don’t know. But the stack is still sitting by that printer waiting for someone to claim it. You come to my office today.”

FML. Never print something before checking the page numbers first. Up to this day, I’m still using the backs of this stack of unfortunate papers for scratch paper.

Here’s a question for you: Have you had problems with technology that has caused you embarrassment?


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One response to “Lifetalk: Writing Fanfiction and Embarrassing Stories”

  1. fleetingpaper says :

    Hey there! I’m checking out your blog because I’ve been reading on recaps on Lanling Wang, I have seen the whole thing, but I’m SO in love with Daniel Chan’s Yuwen Yong so I’m being a total fangirl and just reading up on Lanling Wang across the wordpress world…

    Anyway, I sincerely thank you for this post on writing and fanfiction. I don’t remember ever writing fanfiction before, but I use to read plenty over a decade ago! I am more of a writer than I am a reader and have been writing on-going fiction for many years, but I have never managed to finish a novel (due to not focusing!!). These past few years I have rekindled my passion for writing, but getting it precise and perfect is troublesome. Reading this post really takes me back to how I felt about writing at the time, so much hope! I’ll take that positive feeling with me when I write!

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