Airplane Fashion Guide for Cpopstars

Learn what you need and don’t need on the plane to feel comfortable and stylish. Dress like your favorite Kpop/Cpop singer or actress… or whatever floats your boat.

Shoes: Canvas shoes or moccasin flats are your best bet for comfort and style. If you’re into boots, find ones without too many laces or buckles. No heels – bring comfortable wedges if you must wear something heel-ish on board. You’ll want to go through airport security quickly, and will need shoes that you can slip on and off easily and ones that require no buckling or unlacing. Especially if you are traveling internationally, you’ll need to place comfort as priority.

Hair: Have freshly washed hair. If you have longer than shoulder length hair, rub leave-in conditioner near the ends, and weave it into a simple hairdo. I’d go with a Dutch side braid or side fishtail braid so that your hair can lock in moisture instead of left afloat and frizzy in the recycled (moisture-sucking) air of the airplane cabin.

Face & Skin: To keep the makeup from looking cake during the flight, keep your face bare and only apply makeup at the end of the flight (~30 minutes prior). In your carry-on purse, include a makeup bag (put these things in: moisturizer, bb cream, a hydrating face mask, lip balm, and eyebrow pencil). Throughout the flight, apply a hydrating face mask. For lip balms, try a tinted lip balm for color and moisture. Less is more, preach it! If you wear glasses, I recommend getting a stylish frame. It will hide under eye circles and allow you to watch your favorite movies minus the squinting. Avoid wearing your contacts as they can dry out your eyes during the flight.

Hands need to be protected from dryness as well. Extract’s mango body butter is so moisturizing and smells just like fresh mangos.

Outfit: Always go simple & casual! Throw on a fitted T-shirt and a zip-up jacket. Layering clothes is key to feeling comfortable on flight. Skinny jeans, though popular to wear, will imprison your legs like Monkey King head-rings while you’re stuck on the plane for hours. I’d go with either jeggings, or you can try wearing yoga pants.

Accesories: If you want to up your style, wear a chic hat, don an oversized watch, or wear a sweater dress! Never make the mistake of over-accessorizing. You won’t want to be the plugger who holds up the line at security check-point.


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