Top Knots Can be Sexy: Hot Men in Chinese Period TV Series

Update: I just found this super awesome post on 10 Things to Expect in a Historical Drama! If you’ve never seen historical tv series or want a little bit of humor to your day, make sure to check this out.

TO start off this post…I swear, some actors just look hotter in a bathrobe and a top-bun (aka in dynasty costumes). Tang and Qing dynasty stories are the norm for drama-making material, because the Chinese are proud of their rich dynasty lifestyles. China makes a LOT of these kinds of shows. Unfortunately these are not as talked about as say, Korean idol dramas (and sageuks, which are like the Korean version of these ancient time period series), so that’s what this post is here for! Lo and behold, here are a few of my favorite characters from historical dramas (thanks to these actors who rock their period garments).

1)      Luo Jin as Emperor Liu Ying

Luo Jin’s screen presence can be talked about in two words: engaging and commanding. From his first mystery-shrouded appearance with the mask, I knew he was the one to watch for in big-budgeted 2010 drama, Schemes of a Beauty. I skipped around a lot when it came to this drama, because I wasn’t exactly interested in the multiple palace conspiracies which threw me off from the beginning. Luo Jin’s character was initially a puppet emperor, but later he transforms into a heroic character. He was very compelling with his double character roles Emperor Liu Ying, then as Chang Jun. Plus this guy is insanely attractive when his lips curl into a smile, and you can see his face light up when he’s cheerful. We better see him in more lead roles in near future!

2) Jiang Yi as Emperor Cheng Hua

He might be another puppet emperor, but he sure had a way with the ladies. Never have I become attracted to such a foolish character. He must have put me in a spell with all his charming movements. Jiang Yi knows how to attract all his consorts, despite the fact that most of those women in the Emperor’s harem really just want to wield power in the government. Forget about the tragic drama plot here (not worth watching) – just savor the king’s parts!

3) Alec Su as Yang Si Lang (One of the loyal Yang Family sons, Alec Su stars in the 2004 version of this story)

Yang Si Lang really means the 4th brother of the Yang family. As the legend goes, in the Song dynasty, a loyal general with surname Yang went to fight the battle for the emperor against the Liaos. He took his 7 sons. 7 sons went to battle but only 1 came back alive. Anyways, back to the drama. 4th brother, at least in this series (Warriors of the Yang Clan, go google it up, it’s on wiki), is the rebel son. He falls in love with Yu Yan, who is the daughter of the enemy family of the Yangs. Chinese Romeo and Juliet anyone? I loved how Yang Si Lang would later in the story, infiltrate the Liaos like a boss. So charismatic. Who doesn’t admire a resident bad boy who sacrifices his freedom and love to stay loyal to his Song empire to the end?

4) Hu Ge as Yang Liu Lang (Another one of the loyal Yang Family sons, but Hu Ge is actually in the 2006 remake of the story)

Although a weak actor at this point, Hu Ge is amazing eye-candy. Man, this guy looks handsome in a Sony dynasty ponytail and his sword-wielding scenes are fantastic as well.

5) Xiang Neng as Fu Kang An (Emperor Qianlong’s Imperial Guard)

Xiang Neng’s FuErKang, who was Emperor Qiang Long’s Imperial Bodyguard, is so blunt and so rash and so freaking awesome! I don’t care he’s an antagonist in Eloquent Ji Xiaolan… P.s. this picture of him glaring was the best I could google up of him. Not counting the fact that Fu Er Kang is my childhood crush-character.

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